Office Management

Task management

We help you assign and manage your work in a hassle-free way. With pre-defined activity masters, allocating jobs and prioritizing them becomes easy and less time consuming. You can now manage all your tasks at a single place.

Self- managing staff

Helping in creating a knowledge based rather than work based firm,this feature enables all the employees/articles to keep a tab on their own progress & knowledge. This feature will also systemize the process of task-assigning

Data Encryption

Data security is our top most priority. The users will get an option of encrypting the database. The decryption key will be available to the user only, without which nobody can decrypt or read the data. It will ensure data confidentiality & integrity.

360 degree dashboard

With an easy-to-understand, real time dashboard, we simplify your data into manageable chunks of visual information that allows you to see what you are doing right and where you need to improve. With myCAoffice, strategising becomes unchallenging.

Pre-Defined Compliance calendar

Are you always running behind deadlines? Well, our pre-defined compliance calendar does the work for you. Keep a track of client-wise due dates & plan accordingly to avoid unnecessary interest and penalties.

Manage Petty Cash

Sometimes it becomes cumbersome to manage petty cash at office. Using this feature, you can make entry of cash given to employees and employees can make entry of its usage along with remarks. It will result in better petty cash management.

Reports & MIS

Users will be allowed to download reports available under this application in excel or pdf format. Organizations will be abled to upload HR & Other admin policies on this portal which will be visible to all the employees. It will transparency in the system.

UDIN tracking

Tailor-made for Chartered accountants, this application provides a separate feature for tracking all the certificates issued by the Firm and the UDIN generated for the same. The app will automatically give reminder notifications for UDIN also.

DSC management

It is very important for chartered accountants to keep track of digital signatures which are required for various filings. Timely renewal and availability of digital signature at the time of filing can be managed in this application.

Mobile Responsive

The application is accessible across all devices- smartphones, mobiles and screens of all sizes. Wherever you and your staff may find yourselves, you will always be accessible to the application in a fast, reliable and user-friendly fashion.

People Management

Location based Attendance

Difficult to manage employee time? We have got a solution! With a comprehensive attendance tracking system which works on the Latitude-Longitude principle, tracking employee hours, leaves and re-imbursements is just a click away.

Know daily productivity

This application makes it mandatory to fill a 2 minute form while clicking out time at the end of the day. This form captures the work done by employee during the day, thereby allowing you to assess the work productivity of all employees.

Reward & Recognition

This is essential to timely appreciate our colleagues and subordinates to create a healthy enviroment. Our application will have an "Appreciation Wall" where you can appreciate anyone. The team member can share the appreciation received on social media also.

Internal Chat

Emails and video calls can be frustrating and inconvenient.The internal chat feature allows you to instantly reach anyone, whether you are in the office or out in the field. Thus,communication becomes easier and productive.

Client Management

Manage Passwords

As our application stores data in entryption mode, you can save various credentials like income tax login, UDIN Login etc. in a secrured enviroment which can be used for direct login to the respective sites after punching in security codes of the websites like CAPTCHA etc.

Easy to send Quotations

myCAoffice makes it easy to send quotations to the clients. The application has a database of recommendatory fees guidelines as issued by the ICAI for various services. You can send your client a task-quotation based on these guidelines. This makes communication with client effective and efficient.

Tag Billed & Unbilled Tasks

This application allows you to track the billed and unbilled task of clients. It will enable you to see all the unbilled activites in detail and take a quick call regarding raising invoice or tagging these activites as free of cost.

Invoice Generation

The System will allow you to raise and forward GST compliant invoices to the client. It will calcuate the applicable taxes based on the client information. Moreover, you can enter the receipts to auto-calculate the outstanding amount.